Our precast concrete material is a sturdy material that can help make sure your piece will last. This type of concrete material can be dyed and colored to provide a unique look to your projects. Some of the items we can create out of this material are Trims, Midbands, Pier Caps, Wall Caps, Columns, Crown Molding, Fireplaces, Window Headers and Sills, For Precast work we offer textures of: Smooth Raw or Sprayed, Light or Medium Coral, or Keystone. For Precast Color we offer the colors of: Buff, Universal Buff or White. For a specific color we charge an additional fee to dye this material.

We created/installed the white Precast Stone that surrounds the windows and the front entry. We also created the aluminum decorative piece above the entry and the Precast pier cap on the small wall in front of the house.

We created/ installed the white Precast Column Caps and Wall Caps for the wall in front of the house.


Monument Sign (Precast Cladding Columns, Aluminum Accents, Azek Lettering, Aluminum Column
Tops) John Cannon Homes

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