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In this snapshot, the distinctive charm of Foam shutters takes center stage, painted in a tranquil blue hue that exudes a sense of calm and coastal elegance. Delicate Foam Brackets in pristine white accentuate the architectural finesse, while a pointed white Foam Fenel Piece crowns the composition, showcasing the unique and refined touch characteristic of Medallion Homes' Aqua Division.

The Azek Bahama Shutters, resplendent in a calming blue hue, steal the spotlight in this composition, adding a touch of coastal sophistication. Accompanying them, Foam Brackets in a subtle grey-brown color seamlessly enhance the architectural grace. Completing the ensemble, the Azek Address Plaque in pristine white stands as a testament to the meticulous detailing characteristic of Medallion Homes' Aqua Division, where every element harmonizes to create a visual masterpiece.

A vibrant burst of color comes to life in this snapshot, with Azek Bahama Shutters in a sunny yellow, infusing a lively energy into the facade. To the right, the sleek black Aluminum Crosses Piece adds a modern contrast, balancing the composition with a touch of sophistication. This careful interplay of elements exemplifies the distinctive style and attention to detail synonymous with Medallion Homes' Aqua Division, where every feature contributes to a harmonious visual narrative.

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