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At the heart of this John Cannon Homes creation, Stone Veneer graces the columns, while grayish-white Foam brackets and dark grey GFRC caps and bases lend a contemporary touch. The Azek windowsills in crisp white tie together modern functionality and timeless allure, embodying the hallmark of meticulous craftsmanship.

From a different angle, John Cannon Homes' design captivates with Stone Veneer-clad columns, grayish-white Foam brackets, and dark grey GFRC caps. White Azek windowsills add a touch of modern elegance, showcasing a seamless blend of classic and contemporary elements.


In this alternate view, John Cannon Homes' finesse comes to life with Stone Veneer adorning columns, accompanied by grayish-white Foam brackets at the entry. The dark grey GFRC caps and bases enhance the architectural depth, while white Azek windowsills add a crisp, modern touch. Another angle reveals the seamless fusion of classic and contemporary elements in this thoughtfully crafted composition.

The architectural prowess of John Cannon Homes is showcased in the installation of sleek greyish-black paneling on the archway. This contemporary addition adds a touch of modern sophistication, seamlessly integrating with the overall design language and highlighting the commitment to refined aesthetics in every detail.

In a bold design move, John Cannon Homes elevates the aesthetic with the installation of greyish-black paneling on the archway. This modern touch not only enhances the architectural appeal but also underscores the commitment to distinctive and stylish detailing that defines the signature look of John Cannon Homes.

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